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The Cloud House Wendy House

The Cloud House Wendy House, is sculpture on display in Holland Park for the summer 2023. It is a Wendy House version of The Cloud House, that we are about to start building near Hampstead Heath.

Peter’s Cloud House Wendy House draws on the fact that Wendy House playhouses are named after the character Wendy Darling from Peter Pan – and is a nod to the book’s author, JM Barrie, who lived opposite Kensington Gardens. It is an open-frame public sculpture in which children can play, and have their imaginations piqued; and where adults can experience a moment of delight to remind them of their own childhoods.

As an object for play, this little Cloud House embraces the joyful spirit of Peter Pan, and celebrates the glorious pastel colours of some of Chelsea’s prettiest streets; but as a piece of public sculpture it acts as a tribute to – and a personal thank you for – the powerful impact that this neighbourhood had on the development of Peter Morris’s own creativity and the realisation of his dreams.