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Highbury House

We recently refurbished a duplex apartment in Islington, London for a client looking towards her golden years. We were limited to the amount of new space we could add, so we concentrated on improving the layout of the whole apartment. Our design was published in the Evening Standard’s Homes and Property Magazine.

We pride ourselves in having great relationships with our clients, so the very complimentary comments from our client was a joy. Here are some of her quotes:

“Instructing an Architect is very personal because you tell them a lot about yourself, so it’s crucial to trust and like them as well as their ideas”

“Peter listened, then responded to what she wanted.”

“The builders were incredibly nice and respectful.”

“A week before moving in, I sat under the new skylight and a plane went across the bright blue sky, leaving a perfect trail, and I thought – I’m living in a work of Art.”

“For the first time in my life I feel as if I’ve got a really grown-up home.”

Photos by David Butler