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Modern Dutch Barn Housing

Our design is for 7 new homes across in Barking and Dagenham. We treated the projects as a family, developing a standardised palette of layouts and materials, and offered the potential for them to be constructed as a modular or panellised kit of parts offsite. The design principles were informed by the ‘Good Quality Homes for All Londoners’ supplementary planning guidance which sits alongside the London Plan. We based the design on the local vernacular Dutch Barn buildings. Most have the character of a traditional two-up, two-down and are built in high quality handmade brick, with pitched roofs and recognisable chimneys. Throughout, we tried to hold on to the general amenity, the smallest moves that make the biggest difference to everyday lives. Stair cores have natural light, the large windows in the main living rooms are oriented for the best aspect at certain times of day, balconies are generous and hallways wide enough to bring the buggy in.